Help nature, save the world from overcrowding!

The worlds of EcoBalance are appealing and unique. Help them keep the balance – assist the evolution of your favorite creatures. Turn the Sun into a flower, grow a flower into a caterpillar; a caterpillar becomes a bird, and a bird turns into a human.

Arrange an “ecoboom!” – a successful meeting of 4 or more creatures on the game field and their evolution to the higher level. For this, manage the creatures on the fields with different planetary geometry, conquer the obstacles that happen on your way, and achieve your goal.

Gather a team of spacemen and wait for the rocket, which will take the crew into space. Discover new planets and continents and get acquainted with aliens. And remember – the game world has its secrets. Never trust an UFO.

Keep the game balance – the control is in your hands! Act!

discover the planets

Game characters - sun, flower, caterpillar, bird, and human. World balance is in your hands, so pay attention to building the right ecological chain. Be considerate!